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Group sex/group fuck is sexual behaviour involving more than two participants at the same time. The main focus of this page is Group sex/group fuck among humans; however, Group sex/group fuck also exists with other species in the animal kingdom -- e.g., bighorn sheep and bonobos. Any and all sexual behaviour performed by two people can be a part of Group sex/group fuck, as well as a number of behaviors only possible with more than two people. Group sex/group fuck involving one participant being penetrated by multiple people is sometimes termed a gang bang. The same safe sex considerations that apply to one-on-one sex apply to Group sex/group fuck, for the same reasons. People who have Group sex/group fuck may have higher numbers of sexual partners, and may for this reason be more likely to have sexually transmitted infections (STIs) or to be at risk for STIs than those who have fewer sexual partners. Group sex/group fuck occurs amongst people of all sexual orientations and genders, however, in our site we only shoot the real amateur cuties in group sex. They are often lesbian partners with one or both partners being bi-sexual and likes to get fucked by a cock as well after they have fucked each other with machine, sybian or sex toy and have almost reached climax.

Group sex/group fuck may involve three or more people of any gender or sexual orientation. The events themselves may be characterized by sex; for example, a straight Group sex/group fuck session would involve only heterosexual sex. Some venues for Group sex/group fuck may be intended for a particular group or groups of people; for example, many sex parties in the United States are restricted to women or couples and its in these parties homosexual contact between women is common. In the gay male community, there are nightclubs, bath houses, and internet groups that organize and participate in Group sex/group fuck . Different types of Group sex/group fuck may or may not involve switching partners. Some sex clubs, for example, require entrants to come in pairs and do not typically involve actual physical contact between people in different pairs. Group sex/group fuck may involve a specific set of sexual activities; for example, some involve BDSM, while "tobylove" and "vanilla" Group sex/group fuck does not. Group sex/group fuck in this site involves a lot sex toy foreplay such as machine fuck/sybian fuck.

In many cultures, public intercourse is considered taboo and is illegal; many groups also frown upon sex that is not monogamous. Group sex/group fuck often take place in private or clandestine locations, including homes, unpopulated areas like forests, abandoned buildings, or private clubs. Oddly enough, in the original definition of the word, the French origin actually points to a drinking activity between three or more people in which they ritually remove their shoes whereas group sex/group fuck in toybangers.com involves sex toys, machine, sybian etc. Sex clubs are often open to members only, while less formal locations (truck stops, wooded areas, churches) may be semi-secret. Group sex/group fuck also sometimes takes place in nightclubs, bathhouses, massage parlors, or bars, although such places (particularly those frequented by sexual minorities such as gays or lesbians in countries intolerant of homosexuality) are sometimes subject to legal repercussions. Group sex/group fuck may be a part of other social activities such as parties, although some venues such as gay bathhouses tend to eschew talking.

The possibility for awkwardness among friends, significant others, or strangers at Group sex/group fuck is often cited as a problem with them, particularly in relatively spontaneous incidents of Group sex/group fuck such as drunken Group sex/group fuck among friends. Among heterosexuals, the relative availability of men and women is also a concern for participants, as social stigma or other factors structures the extent to which many men or women feel comfortable being promiscuous. In spite of (or due to) the stigma against Group sex/group fuck, participation in Group sex/group fuck is a common fantasy, although regular participation in Group sex/group fuck remains uncommon in most cultures, we make these fantasies come true. We shoot scenes of women getting their pussies wet begiing for some heavy pounding.

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