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A lesbian is a woman who is romantically and sexually attracted only to other women. Women who are attracted to both women and men are more often referred to as bisexual. An individual's self-identification might not correspond with her behaviour, and may be expressed with either, both, or neither of these words. Anyway, the sexual activities performed by them is simply lesbian fuck it could turn into a heterosexual fuck if one or both of the lesbian partners are actually bi-sexual women.

Sexual activity between women is as diverse as sex between heterosexuals or gay men. Some women in same-sex relationships do not identify as lesbian, but as bisexual, queer, or another label. As with any interpersonal activity, lesbian sexual expression depends on the context of the relationship. Recent cultural changes in western and a few other societies have enabled lesbian fuck to express their sexuality more freely, which has resulted in new studies on the nature of lesbian fucking. Research undertaken by the U.S. Government's National Center for Health Research in 2002 was released in a 2005 report called 'Sexual Behavior and Selected Health Measures: Men and Women 15-44 Years of Age, United States, 2002'. The results indicated that among women aged 15-44, 4.4 percent reported having had a lesbian sexual experience with another woman during the previous 12 months. When women aged 1544 years of age were asked, "Have you ever had any sexual experience of any kind with another female?" 11 percent answered "yes". There is a growing body of research and writing on lesbian sexuality, which has brought some debate about the control women have over their lesbian sexual lives, the fluidity of woman-to-woman sexuality, the redefinition of lesbian sexual pleasure and the debunking of negative lesbian sexual stereotypes. One example of the latter is lesbian bed death, a term invented by sex researcher Pepper Schwartz to describe the supposedly inevitable diminution of sexual passion in long term lesbian fuck relationships; this notion is rejected by many lesbians, who point out that passion tends to diminish in almost any relationship and many lesbian couples report happy and satisfying lesbian fucks.

Historically, many lesbians have been involved in women's rights. Late in the 19th century, the term Boston marriage was used to describe romantic unions between women living together while contributing to the suffrage movement. Continuing a tradition of inclusive acceptance, in 2004 Massachusetts became the first American state to legalize same-sex marriages. During the 1970s and 80s, with the emergence of modern feminism and the radical feminism movement, lesbian separatism became popular and groups of lesbian women gathered together to live in communal societies. Women such as Kathy Rudy in Radical Feminism, Lesbian Separatism, and Queer Theory remarked that in her experience, stereotypes and the hierarchies to reinforce them developed in the lesbian separatist collective she lived in, ultimately leading her to leave the group.

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