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Sybian Fuck Machine

The Sybian's creation is credited to Dave Lampert. Lampert stated that he had the idea for this device since the 1970s. First, sybian fuck was just a concept in his mind and mainly thought on why it was not created and sold. Lampert attempted to contact two specialists and an engineer in 1979, but nothing came of it at this time. Lampert took up the idea again in 1983, when he introduced it to a female physician, who encouraged Lampert to explore the idea further. This prompted Lampert to travel to the Midwestern United States that summer. Lampert visited adult book stores and retailers. Based on his research, Lampert found that no device similar to the Sybian had been made. This prompted Lampert to look more seriously into creating the device. A year and a half were spent compiling more research in the field of sybian fuck and sexual counselling. The research was mostly conducted by reading books on current research of sybian fuck and sexual counselling and trying to find people who could help the team, including engineers. As in 1979, the engineers still couldn't help in the creation of the device. Lampert explained to Penthouse magazine reporter Jessica West on where he got the idea for the Sybian fuck: "Over the years, I kept hearing the same complaints from women I met in my dance instruction classes. They were sexually frustrated. Their partners could not, or would not, satisfy them. Some said their husbands had erectile problems due to ill health, age, or indifference. Some of these women confided that they had never experienced an orgasm. That struck me as tragic. I personally could never enjoy sex if the woman is not satisfied." NOw, we use Lamperts technology to sybian fuck women to bring them climax.

The Sybian represents a marvel in sybian fuck machine design. Sybian is simple to operate yet achieves a number of different types of sybian fuck orgasms depending on the riding style of the "rider" and the attachment used. The sybian machine is also rugged in construction and can withstand some extremely heavy loads. The shape of the Sybian is that of a cylinder cut in half. It resembles a vibrating saddle. In the center of the sybian fuck machine is an attachment (there are a number of optional attachments that can be interchanged on the Sybian) with an embedded shaft that can rotate and vibrate with varying intensity.

The female rider simply sits on the Sybian fuck machine in a straddle-like manner and allows the shaft to penetrate her vaginal opening. Among the many different attachments for the sybian fuck machine is a "nub" attachment that does not have an embedded shaft and does not penetrate the vagina. Its primary function is to stimulate the clit without intruding into the vaginal cavity. The controls to the Sybian are straight forward and easy to understand. The controls are split into two sections; the left side controls the rotation of the shaft and the right side controls the vibration of the shaft. Each side of the wired remote control panel has a knob on the top and an on/off switch on the bottom. As a result, she can turn on/off the rotation and do the same for the vibration separately. The knobs control the intensity of rotation and vibration of the Sybian's shaft depending on which knob you manipulate. Obviously if the "nub" is attached, the rotation controls will not have any sexual impact since there is no intrusive shaft embedded in the attachment. When the sybian fuck machine almost reaches climax they often want to replace the sybian attachment by real male attachment ie. a real cock. We capture those moments and present to you in movies.

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